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Propel Home Loans is Starting a Revolution

We believe that “Together we go farther!”

At Propel Home Loans, 
our team members are our number one priority.  We know that when we hire the right people and take great care of them, they in turn take excellent care of our clients.  Our primary focus when starting the company was to build a model that allowed successful loan officers an opportunity to focus on their clients and delight them with excellent service!  In addition to that, we believe that Together, as a collective community, we go Farther!  That is why we donate $100 to charity for every loan we close.  

Our company has been built on the back of technology, and with “no-fluff”, our way of doing business will survive under any market conditions and operates withouth layers.  Our leaders roll-up their sleeves, open doors, remove hurdles to ensure that we, as a team, provide a valuable and meaningful service to our clients.  It is no secret that wholesale lending allows Loan Officers to provide flexible loan options, excellent service along with unmatched pricing.

We consistently examine every detail of the mortgage process and work together to prefect the client experience.  We want to automate as much as we can wihtout sacrificing human connections.  We see technology as a friend and not a replacement.

Why Should You Make The Move?

  • Pricing:  We can always offer a competitive price.  We will always be able to compete. 
  • Speed:  Fast turn times!
  • Tech:  We have the latest technology to help with speed and efficiencies.  We are constantly looking for better ways to architect a loan.
  • Compensation:  We pay more and we do not bill back for AUC, credit, CRM or technology.
  • Growth: You have endless potential.  You chart your course from being an independent originator to a branch manager, we will help you achieve your dreams.
  • Products: No Overlays and more loan products across more lenders than any other channel of origination.
  • Benefits: Healthcare reimbursement and 401K.

We invite you to email us to begin a human conversation to discover why you should join our winning team.  We will always consider hiring the right people.  Send your resume directly to the owner at




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