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Our Ultimate Value is Advice & Guidance

We are Home Loan Strategists and Architects!  

We don’t just pitch rates.  That doesn’t take any skill.  Sure, we have some of the best rates available in the market, but that doesn’t mean that the a particular lender or interest rate is right for you and your goals.  We beleive that our professional responsibility is to help you manage your mortgage debt over your lifetime.

Lowest Rate: The lowest rate with the wrong strategy can be costly.  Lowest or cheapest is very rarely the best.  Any lender that is price driven is generally unable to consult clients around strategy.  Companies can’t afford to have both the lowest price and the best advice.  An order taker is not a Home Loan Strategist!

Rate and Costs: Interest rate can be affected by both of these.  “Lower” rates generally will have higher costs.  That is the only way to make the lower rate happen.  And on the other end “no-fee” loans generally carry a higher rate.  The point is that you get where you want and accomplish your goals by selecting the right product, rate and fee mix.  Every lender gets their money from the same source and ultimately all mortgage loans are sold on the same market.

Rate Changes: Rates can change many times during any given day.  A quote in the morning from one lender and a quote in the afternoon from another lender will generally produce two different rates, higher or lower.  If you truly want to compare rates and costs, it must be done at the same time, on the same day and with the same product or you are likely to get two different scenarios.

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