We believe that "Together We Go Farther!"

An African proverb says, “If you want to quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  Propel Home Loans, LLC believes that “Together we go Farther”.  We believe that we have a collective responsibility to support the most vulnerable citizens in our global community.  We also adhere to the golden rule of treating others as we would want to be treated.  With those ideas in our hearts, we want you to know that we are committed to supporting our collective communities.

Upon the successful funding of your loan, Propel Home Loans, LLC. will make a one-time charitable contribution in the amount of $100 to a single charity.  The donation will be made on behalf of Propel Home Loans, LLC.  Our charity partners are both legally formed and recognized by both the State of MN and the Internal Revenue Service.

People R Not For Sale
We are a group of average people (moms, dads, nurses, teachers, coaches, grandparents) who have been challenged to DO something about poverty and human trafficking in Honduras. After a trip to Honduras in June of 2018 we were made aware of human trafficking involving children in the community. We have partnered with staff at a local school in the Honduran community to assist with providing education and employment through an artisan entrepreneurship project. Partnering with families to become self-sustaining will break the cycle of poverty and erase the human trafficking target from their backs. We believe that no human being should ever be sold. We believe that all children should get to be children. We believe that love ultimately will prevail. This specific project resides in Yoro, Honduras, however, we stand with local and global organizations bringing awareness and fighting human trafficking all over the world.

Ruff Start Rescue
We are a foster home-based Non-Profit 501c3, No-Kill dog and cat rescue based in Central Minnesota. We rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats as well as ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other critters. We work very hard to place them in new loving homes.  We operate largely through volunteers and donations, relying on social media to stay connected. The more than 600 volunteers working with the rescue transport animals, serve as foster families, coordinate adoptions and much more. Without them and their countless hours of service, Ruff Start Rescue could not exist.

Feed My Starving Children
As a Christian nonprofit organization, Feed My Starving Children is called to feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.  You will hear us say this again and again: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” We truly mean this. This means reaching the hard-to-reach people and places, the “least of these.” They will be found, and they will be fed.  With God’s help we will work together with organizations and ministries across the globe to end hunger.

Lutheran Social Services
We are neighbors helping neighbors – Minnesotans rising together to practice compassion. And we are here to support you with personalized services that inspire hope, change lives and build community.  Our 2,300 staff support one in 65 people in Minnesota through a comprehensive range of innovative services and networks. We have a presence in all 87 Minnesota counties. Our work is grounded in two principles – God loves all people without condition and God yearns for us to love the neighbor.

Family Enhancement Center
The Family Enhancement Center was founded in 1993 as the Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment. The motivation came from three passionate therapists who identified a need in our community to help our most vulnerable members: children experiencing abuse and neglect.

RECLAIM works to increase access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. Reclaim partners with youth ages 13 – 25 who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation